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A Flagship for Perth

Pete Wishart, MP for Perthshire

"This is an immensely exciting project that will revolutionise sports and leisure in the City of Perth"

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PH2O's Role In the City of Perth

25m swimming pool in Perth city centreAs Scotland’s newest City, Perth has much to prove in terms of its offer, services and events. We believe that PH2O will play a significant role in supporting Perth’s aspirations and providing the city with a flagship attraction and iconic public space and service. 

Through this vibrant hub of sports and leisure, the people of Perth will be encouraged into embracing a more active and healthy lifestyle. With improved access to established sports and the provision of new, exciting opportunities PH2O will broaden and enhance the quality of life in the city. 

Perth has always been ambitious and aspirational when it comes to its sports and leisure and Live Active Leisure has led the way for these innovative ideas to be realised. From the building of Bell's Sports Centre in the 1960s to Perth Leisure Pool in the 1980s and more in more recent years Perth Concert Hall, we have worked with key local partners to deliver innovation and experience for Perth and its people.  

It is anticipated that PH2O will further improve Perth’s appeal as a destination visit and will assist in attracting fellow Scots and visiting tourists throughout the year. A development of this size and nature will, most certainly, breathe new life into a city and create further opportunities for tourism. The economic impact this additional footfall and increased tourism will bring to local businesses will be significant.

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Perth's Sporting Aspirations : In Brief

PH2O will support the aspirations of Perth City by:

  • Enhancing the quality of life for Perth City, Perth and Kinross residents
  • PH2O will also give the city a unique “reason-to-visit” for the destination day visitor.   
  • Generating at least another 100,000 sports and leisure visits per year
  • Contribute over £2.5million to Perth’s economy every year
  • Attracting over 250,000 visitors to the area to enjoy PH2O and everything else Perth has to offer 

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"Live Active Leisure’s roots lie in realising innovative ideas for Perth and its people. From Bell's Sports Centre in the 60s through to Perth Leisure Pool and Perth Concert Hall, we have led the way in delivering projects that have grown from the aspirations and ambitions of Perth. "

Paul Cromwell, LAL Chief Executive Officer